Supply of electronic component base, special purpose materials and equipment.

Quadcopter development

Creation of quadrocopters of any complexity

The company "Promelectronservis" produces a whole range of works on the development, manufacture and use of non-standard multi-rotor aircraft. The main task: development, manufacture and assembly for the tasks of the Customer. Such non-standard designs are used to solve individual and unique problems. Our employees embodied "in metal" more than 40 unique aircraft and structural solutions. These devices are successfully used in various fields: civil, agricultural, special services and organizations, military.

Types of development:

Quadcopter with the ability to fly in airplane mode

Custom quadcopter

Hybrid quadcopter

Long-flying quadrocopter

Training quadrocopter

High-capacity quadrocopter

Transport quadrocopter

Quadrocopter with tv

Cargo quadrocopter