Supply of electronic component base, special purpose materials and equipment.

Testing Laboratory


The testing laboratory of Promelektronservis LLC has highly qualified specialists and advanced equipment to carry out the following types of work:

• development, approval and implementation of programs, methods and methodologies for product control and testing (screening tests, additional tests, certification tests, reliability screening, etc.);

• carrying out of incoming control, additional screening tests and diagnostic nondestructive control;

• carrying out of selective destructive physical analysis with the purpose of raising the level of quality and reliability of the supplied consignments of goods;

• carrying out of testing regarding the conformance to standards and technical descriptions under exposure of climatic and mechanical factors, as well as resource testing (non-failure operation and persistence);

• development and manufacturing of technological equipment;

• development of information and technical materials for electronic components of foreign make);

• development of required software to carry out testing and control of products;

• metrological, regulatory and engineering provisions of applied control and testing methods.