Supply of electronic component base, special purpose materials and equipment.

Main Activities

• All-round supplies of electronic component base of domestic and foreign make.

• Supplies of electric insulation materials for manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

• Providing services on testing of electronic component base for resistance to exposure of special factors.

• Providing services on performing special testing of electronic component base of foreign make.

• Providing services on performing technical expert evaluation to justify the selection and correct application of foreign-made electronic component base for the purpose of development оr modernization of domestic special equipment and their component parts.

• We perform delivery of all nomenclature of electronic component base from available items and on the order. The nomenclature list of supplied electronic component base comprises around 1,5 million items a year.

• The company maintains a constantly replenished stock of the most widely applied electronic component base of domestic and foreign make.

• We perform 100% entrance control and identification of the items supplied on stock.

• The company staff is always ready to offer technical assistance in the selection of electronic component base, arranging consultations, developing individual delivery schedule, as well as providing full project support. Among the partners of Promelektronservis LLC are enterprises of various industries throughout the Russian Federation as well as a number of foreign companies.