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A four-seater aircraft with a high wing and fixed landing gear, two-door carbon fiber fuselage, composite wings.
Purpose: light aircraft of the "normal" category AP-23
Capacity: 4 (1 pilot 90kg + 3 passengers 90kg + baggage 20kg)
Cabin width: 1.2m
Length: 7.5m
Wingspan: 10m
Height: 2.5m
Wing area: 12sqm
Profile: NACA 63-415
Empty weight: 480kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 850kg
Fuel tank capacity (maximum / normal): 350L / 120L
Powerplant: Rotax 915
Propeller: MTV-33-1-A / 175-200
Maximum cruising speed at 4000m: 305 km / h
Climb rate at maximum takeoff weight at sea level: 7m / s
Flight range with maximum payload: 750 km
Flight range with 1 pilot and one passenger (90 + 90 + 15kg): 2200km
The length of the take-off run / run with a full load: 300m / 93m
Takeoff / run length with 1 pilot (90kg) and one passenger (90kg) fuel for 2 hours of flight: 120m / 70m